Compensation Available

FAQ: Can I get compensation now?

Answer: NO

Those currently in the safeguarded area (grey on HS2 maps) may be eligible for the HS2 Express Purchase scheme. This is a simplified variation of the Statutory Blight regime that might otherwise compel the Secretary of State for Transport to buy an owner-occupier’s residential property.

This should provide the owner with unblighted market value, a home loss payment and reasonable moving costs.

The continuation of this scheme and the introduction of all other proposed property schemes are subject to the current consultation outcome, and will not have to be introduced until the Phase 2b bill achieves royal assent in (estimated) 2022/2023. It is possible HS2 may introduce specific schemes earlier when they deposit the bill in (target) summer 2019, as they did with Phase 1.

The only other option currently available is the “Need to Sell” scheme. This is a discretionary scheme for owner-occupiers who can demonstrate a compelling reason to sell their property within the next three years, but have been unable to do so as a direct result of the HS2 route announcement. Various conditions apply.

Part 1 compensation which may be claimed by owner-occupiers of dwellings, small business premises and agricultural units under the 1973 Land Compensation Act, for any reduction in the value of their property as a result of the physical effects of the operation of the railway, can only be claimed after the railway has been operational for one year – estimated to be 2034/2035.

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