HS2 announce more bad news for Woodlesford

Today the Government has announced the launch of a consultation on 11 proposed changes to the design of Phase 2b, the section of the HS2 route from Crewe to Manchester and West Midlands to Leeds.

These changes are being proposed following design development, environmental assessment, feedback to consultations and ongoing engagement and are a mixture of relocations and realignments, new infrastructure and the introduction of new scope to the HS2 design.

The changes only affect sections of the Phase 2b route, however everyone is welcome to respond to the consultation.

Design refinement number six is of specific interest (Leeds Corridor, Woodlesford to Leeds Station). The Secretary of State is minded to change the height of the route for 8km on the approach into Leeds Station so the line runs predominantly on a viaduct, rather than a combination of at ground level cutting and embankment.

The Secretary of State will decide whether to include the proposed changes in the Phase 2b design following consideration of the feedback to this consultation.

This consultation will close at 23:45 on 6 September 2019. We invite you to take part.

To access the consultation documents and for details on how to respond, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-phase-2b-design-refinement-consultation

We are holding a series of public information events near each of the proposed changes, where members of the project team will be available to help answer questions. For details of the events, please visit www.hs2.org.uk/phase2b.

Copies of the consultation documents are also being made available at a number of public venues in the vicinity of each proposed change. Details of these venues can also be found at www.hs2.org.uk/phase2b.

The website also includes a navigator tool to help identify the location of each of the proposed changes and provide access to detailed plans and visual representations.
If you have any questions related to this consultation, please contact the our Helpdesk on 08081 434 434 or email HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk at any time.

Publication of consultation summary reports

At the same time as launching the design refinement consultation we have published two reports summarising the feedback received to the working draft Environmental Statement and working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report consultations that we carried out at the end of 2018.

We received almost 40,000 responses to these consultations and we are continuing to take the feedback received into consideration as we further develop the design for Phase 2b.
The two reports summarise the main themes contained in the feedback received and are available via www.hs2.org.uk/phase2b.

Safeguarding update

The Secretary of State is also updating Safeguarding Directions for the Phase 2b route to broadly reflect the land that was included within the working draft Environmental Statement now that we know what land we will likely need to acquire. Changes that we are consulting on that may affect what land is ultimately needed are not included in that update. However, Safeguarding is reviewed throughout the project and is updated when necessary to reflect new land requirements. More information on safeguarding and HS2 property schemes is available at: www.gov.uk/government/collections/safeguarding-information-and-maps-for-hs2

HS2 Ltd Drop-in | 26 June 2019

HS2 Ltd will be holding a drop-in session at the Oulton Institute on Wednesday 26 June 2019 from 2pm to 8pm. Anyone from Rothwell, Oulton and Woodlesford with questions about the latest HS2 proposals and the impact on their home or business should take the opportunity to call in.

There will be representation from their engineering and environment teams. If you haven’t yet seen the latest proposal, the tunnel portal is now closer to Northwood Falls and The Locks, and the train lines into Leeds are on a 20+m high viaduct which runs along the side of Rothwell Country Park and through Hunslet.


Responding to HS2 Ltd’s TWO consultations (2018)


Both consultations are open until 21 December 2018. It is vital that as many people as possible raise their objections before the deadline. Anyone in the country can respond, including young people who can express an opinion about HS2. Every person in your household should submit their own separate response. Numbers do count, both now and through the Parliamentary review.

SOWHAT are currently reviewing all the material to provide guidance and template responses. Understand more about the common concerns and specific objections that our community need to formally raise.

Responses can be made by email, letter, using pre-printed forms or online forms. We suggest you submit both an electronic response and a physical paper copy sent by recorded delivery post.

Environmental Statement Consultation | Information | Online Form

Equality Impact Assessment Consultation | Information | Online Form

HS2 Ltd Community Drop-In, 2-8pm 15th November at Oulton Institute

Do you run a community or support group based in Woodlesford, Oulton, Swillington or Rothwell? or maybe you represent those with characteristics protected by the 2010 Equalities Act (such as age, race, religion, gender).

In addition to the main public event on 21st November, HS2 Ltd is dedicating their next Community Drop-In session to the working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report (Known as the EqIA, and currently out for public consultation).

The EQIA considers the potential effects of the construction and operation of HS2 Phase 2b on people with protected characteristics. They offer this open session for anybody from the community that would like to discuss the key issues that local people face and how they can better meet their needs.

If you’d prefer to speak in confidence, please contact HS2’s local Engagement Manager, David, on david.griffiths-allen@hs2.org.uk or via 07388-851092.

The justification for Woodlesford route doesn’t stack up…

The Morley route makes far more sense based on HS2’s own analysis!

UPDATE: HS2 Ltd now state that they incorrectly labelled the columns; Woodlesford and Morley have been transposed. We would like to see the evidence to support this huge error. This would mean that there are fewer demolitions on the Woodesford route. What else might they have got wrong?!

As many of us have always maintained, LCC are the primary reason LS26 is blighted. The truth is published by HS2 for the first time.

HS2 state (4.5.123 page 104) that the station location was chosen to meet LCC’s aspirations to develop the South Bank, and that this dictated (4.5.135 page 107) the route through Woodlesford.

They try to support this by stating (4.5.133 page 107) that there would be fewer demolitions and less noise compensation by coming via Woodlesford…. however, table 5 (page 108) shows that the Morley route is far more sustainable with far less impact.

47 demolitions on Woodlesford route vs 13 on Morley route! 122 homes needing noise insulation on Woodlesford route vs 39 for Morley!! The list goes on.

As we always said, LCC pushed HS2 into choosing New Street station knowing that Woodlesford would be decimated, that the alternative would have less impact, and that there were less problems to overcome.