Responding to HS2 Ltd’s TWO consultations

Both consultations are open until 21 December 2018. It is vital that as many people as possible raise their objections before the deadline. Anyone in the country can respond, including young people who can express an opinion about HS2. Every person in your household should submit their own separate response. Numbers do count, both now and through the Parliamentary review.

SOWHAT are currently reviewing all the material to provide guidance and template responses. Understand more about the common concerns and specific objections that our community need to formally raise.

Responses can be made by email, letter, using pre-printed forms or online forms. We suggest you submit both an electronic response and a physical paper copy sent by recorded delivery post.

Environmental Statement Consultation | Information | Online Form

Equality Impact Assessment Consultation | Information | Online Form

HS2 Ltd Community Drop-In, 2-8pm 15th November at Oulton Institute

Do you run a community or support group based in Woodlesford, Oulton, Swillington or Rothwell? or maybe you represent those with characteristics protected by the 2010 Equalities Act (such as age, race, religion, gender).

In addition to the main public event on 21st November, HS2 Ltd is dedicating their next Community Drop-In session to the working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report (Known as the EqIA, and currently out for public consultation).

The EQIA considers the potential effects of the construction and operation of HS2 Phase 2b on people with protected characteristics. They offer this open session for anybody from the community that would like to discuss the key issues that local people face and how they can better meet their needs.

If you’d prefer to speak in confidence, please contact HS2’s local Engagement Manager, David, on or via 07388-851092.

The justification for Woodlesford route doesn’t stack up…

The Morley route makes far more sense based on HS2’s own analysis!

UPDATE: HS2 Ltd now state that they incorrectly labelled the columns; Woodlesford and Morley have been transposed. We would like to see the evidence to support this huge error. This would mean that there are fewer demolitions on the Woodesford route. What else might they have got wrong?!

As many of us have always maintained, LCC are the primary reason LS26 is blighted. The truth is published by HS2 for the first time.

HS2 state (4.5.123 page 104) that the station location was chosen to meet LCC’s aspirations to develop the South Bank, and that this dictated (4.5.135 page 107) the route through Woodlesford.

They try to support this by stating (4.5.133 page 107) that there would be fewer demolitions and less noise compensation by coming via Woodlesford…. however, table 5 (page 108) shows that the Morley route is far more sustainable with far less impact.

47 demolitions on Woodlesford route vs 13 on Morley route! 122 homes needing noise insulation on Woodlesford route vs 39 for Morley!! The list goes on.

As we always said, LCC pushed HS2 into choosing New Street station knowing that Woodlesford would be decimated, that the alternative would have less impact, and that there were less problems to overcome.…/HS2_Phase_2b_Wor…

Requesting hard copy documents from HS2

The quickest way to order is to copy the list required and send an email to the address below together with your name and postal address. Alternatively you can telephone or write.

24/7 freephone: 08081 434 434
Minicom: 08081 456 472
High Speed Two (HS2) Limited
Two Snowhill
Snow Hill Queensway
Birmingham B4 6GA

Document list:

* H1 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
* H2 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
* H3 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
+ H60 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
+ H61 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
+ H62 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
+ H63 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
+ H64 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_ES
+ H75 H75_Guidance_Booklet_V10_Web.pdf
+ H66 H66/67 –  ES Consultation Response form
Qty x10
+ H71 H71/72 – EIA Consultation Response form
Qty x10
* H26  HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA15
* H54  HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA15
+ H70 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_EQIA
+ H73 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_EQIA
+ H68 HS2_Phase_2b_Working_Draft_EQIA
Other areas:    (N.B. Garforth will be H27 and H55)
H25 HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA14
H53 HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA14
H28 HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA17
H56 HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA17
H29 HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA18
H57 HS2_Phase_2b_WDES_Volume_2_LA18

New Information – Thursday 11 October 2018

Email below received from HS2 announcing the latest information and consultations. We have posted further information and download links on our Facebook Group “SO WHAT”. There are over 15 documents of relevance, including maps, community impact, and alternatives.

Dear Stakeholder,

as promised, I am writing to notify you that this morning the Secretary of State for Transport has announced the launch of two HS2 consultations for the section of the route from Crewe to Manchester and West Midlands to Leeds, which is known as Phase 2b. These consultations are on:

Both consultations are now open and will close at 11:45pm on 21st December 2018.

We invite you to take part in these consultations. Feedback will be considered as we further develop our proposals. An Environmental Statement and Equality Impact Assessment Report will then be submitted to Parliament alongside the hybrid Bill in mid-2020.

To support these consultations, we are holding more than 30 information events from late October to early December 2018. The events will be attended by a range of specialists from HS2 Ltd and the Department for Transport to guide people through the consultation documents. In addition, reference copies of the consultation documents are available at a number of locations, such as public libraries, during the consultation period. Your nearest events are:

  • 29th October             Crofton
  • 10th November         Hunslet
  • 19th November         Garforth
  • 21st November         Oulton
  • 23rd November         Leeds
  • 24th November         Church Fenton

A full list of the events is available at Public Information Events

The list of information points is available at Information Points (please see Community Areas LA15 to LA18 incl.)

You will find that local Community Area Reports are available at Community Area Reports (again, please see the references LA15 to LA18 incl.)

We have also produced a series of videos to introduce and explain the consultations. These are available via the website along with a new interactive tool that has been designed to help people find the information in the working draft Environmental Statement most relevant to them.

If you have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk on 08081 434 434 or email, or contact me directly by phone or email.

For further information on the consultations please visit our website

To access the consultation documents directly and for details of how to respond to the consultations, please use the following links:

Kind Regards,


David Griffiths-Allen, Engagement Manager, Phase Two | HS2 Ltd

M: 07388 851092

High Speed Two (HS2) Limited, Two Snow Hill, Queensway, Birmingham B4 6GA. |


HS2 Helpdesk


Freephone: 08081 434 434

Minicom: 08081 456 472

HS2 drop-in event at the Oulton Institute from 2pm-8pm on Thursday 27 September 2018

There has been much in the media about HS2 lately, with growing discontent regarding the project, but we must not become complacent.

The publication of the Working Draft Environmental Statement (WDES), and associated consultation announcement, anticipated for this month have been delayed as DfT weren’t ready before the party conference season started.

A parliamentary slot to launch the WDES is anticipated in mid-October, immediately following the party conferences. HS2 will likely hold their next formal public information (PI) event in Woodlesford during mid-November. The WDES documents and PI event will communicate details of the construction and logistics associated with the viaducts and tunnels in our area.

Given these dates have slipped, and many people still have unanswered questions about the scheme and the compensation available, HS2 are holding a further drop-in event at the Oulton Institute from 2pm – 8pm on Thursday 27 September 2018. Those new to the area are encouraged to drop-in at some point during the day to see their plans and ask questions regarding the likely impact on the area.

HS2 Community drop-in sessions

HS2 will be at the Oulton Institute with the latest maps detailing construction compounds, lorry routes and other construction information. Call in at any time or book a one to one meeting, via their helpdesk, to discuss your personal concerns and issues in more detail.

2pm – 8pm  Thursday 27 September 2018
2pm – 8pm  Thursday 15 November 2018

HS2 Public Information Event & Drop-In

Following the publication of HS2’s latest revisions to the route they are visiting Woodlesford for two days to answer our detailed questions. Whether you are impacted by the viadcut, tunnels or the maintenance depot, this is your opportunity to press HS2 for answers, to understand where the construction traffic will pass, and where the construction compounds will be located.

The formal Public Information Event is Wednesday 4 July 2018 from 2pm to 8pm at the Oulton Institute.  HS2 will also be holding a drop-in surgery on Thursday 5 July 2018 from 3pm to 8pm also at the Institute. You can also book, via their helpdesk, one to one meetings to discuss your concerns in detail, in private, at the Institute on either day.

HS2 event information and helpdesk booking number

Latest maps showing construction compounds

HS2’s description of route and design through our area

HS2 are also using the opportunity provided by the events to host a series of one to one appointments with those who are directly affected by the line of route and associated works. The purpose of these meetings is to understand as early as possible the impacts of the scheme on affected parties’ property to better inform the development of our design and any possible mitigations.

HS2 Statement:

HS2 Ltd will be holding a series of community information events in June and July 2018 to demonstrate how the plans and designs for Britain’s new high speed railway between the West Midlands and Leeds and Crewe and Manchester are developing.

The Government confirmed its preferred route for Phase 2b of the High Speed Two (HS2) railway on 17 July 2017. Achieving this significant milestone has enabled us to spend the last ten months progressing our early design and construction proposals. We’ve spoken to many organisations over that time, and these events allow individuals to come and talk to us about our evolving designs in a community setting, which is really important as local knowledge has a crucial role to play in informing the final design and construction proposals for the new railway.  We’re eager to share our updated plans and designs and to talk to people about our proposals, and the benefits that HS2 will deliver to them and their community, ahead of the public consultation later this year.

The 30 drop-in events across the route will be attended by HS2 employees and contractors with expertise in a wide range of fields including engineering, environment, and land and property.  We will write to everyone living within 1km of the route and members of the public are encouraged to attend so they can review the plans and talk to the team about the emerging designs and understand what this means for them We would encourage you to promote the events through your own networks and channels to spread the message to all those whom may have an interest. Your help in supporting attendance is much appreciated.

We are also using the opportunity provided by the events to host a series of one to one appointments with those who are directly affected by the line of route and associated works. The purpose of these meetings is to understand as early as possible the impacts of the scheme on affected parties’ property to better inform the development of our design and any possible mitigations. We are writing to all parties directly, inviting them to make an appointment at their nearest event.

We appreciate that the introduction of new information about how we plan to build and operate the railway presents new and different impacts for those who live and work in the area.